Lost identity

I reset my PC and i lost identity and i have VIP on one server ? Can i get back my identity ?

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I guess you are not using the TeamSpeak client but rather the TeamSpeak 3 client. So please move this thread to the corresponding topic.

There are a few ways you could get back the identity.
If you are using myTeamSpeak (this is required for the new TeamSpeak client not TeamSpeak 3 though) your identities should by default be backed up to the myTeamSpeak servers.
After logging in to your account you can find any identities here:

I guess you are not using myTeamSpeak, so the only way to get your identity back is restoring a backup. If you exported your identity before resetting your PC you can just import this back into TeamSpeak and use it instead of the newly created one.

If you don’t have this either I don’t think there is a humanly possible way to get this account back.
So for the future just backup everything or link everything to accounts (in this case myTeamSpeak) so you don’t use any valuable data with a device.


If you dont have myTeamSpeak or you lost your identity, than is the only way to ask an Admin, if you can get your VIP Rights back.