Me and my brother cant join the same server? (2 different pc's)

Me and my brother are trying to play GTA Roleplay where the server is using Teamspeak. When we both join the server we get problems. if only 1 of us is in the server there is no problem.

Im not sure if its because the TS server recognizes our different computers as the same computer and therefor cant let both of us play at the same time?

Anybody know if there is a way where we can change one of the computers IP adress or its the people who owns the server who has the problem?

It must be something with the Firewall on the PC or the Antivirus is blocking. Please check this Thread first:

Send the client log here. On my server there are two people conecting from the same ip without any problems.

You could try to reach the Teamspeak server through a proxy, this will change your IP address for your client so that you and your brother don’t have the same IP anymore, but I’m not sure how far the privacy is given.

I think that the Ts itself does not allow 2 connections of the same IP. Among other things, you should make sure that it is not the error message: “additional connections per identity”.

If it still doesn’t work then you would have to do more research.

You can connect from multiple accounts from the same ip

Could you elaborate what those problems are?
And are you using the same identity by any chance?

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