Message Delete Function

I think it would be good to have a delete message function.

There is a example picture:


It could be useful, nowadays also Wh****pp and Tel**ram have this feature… :thinking:
I approve it!


You can delete your sent messages and they will also get deleted for the chat partner or partners in group chats. You need to open the context menu for that and you have to use the global chat not the chat provided by the TeamSpeak server (classic TeamSpeak 3 chat), which you are using according to your screenshot.


I mean this function for TeamSpeak servers.


@_limee its a great idea :slight_smile:


@Stefan92 Thank you! :slight_smile:


The server does not store any chat. The client does and you can not delete something the server has no access to. How should we delete chat from a user who is not even connected on target server or isn’t in the channel where the chat happened?


Do we really have to censor the names of Whatsapp and Telegram here? It’s not like TeamSpeak immediately goes bankrupt if someone mentions that instant messengers exists.

Users are not aware what the difference between cloud based chats and server side chats are. You are, because you are part of the group of people who built this system.

Suggestions like this should probably result in a FAQ being written:

Q: Why can’t I delete my messages from chats provided by the TeamSpeak server?

A: Unlike group chats which are stored encrypted in the myTeamSpeak cloud, chats provided by the TeamSpeak server are distributed to and stored by the participating TeamSpeak clients.

Since we can’t delete the message from the computers of all users who received it, deleting of messages from TeamSpeak server chats is currently not supported.

I’m sure you will run into more issues like that with the good old TeamSpeak 3 server still providing a lot of features which new users are probably not even aware of.

These things need to be explained somewhere or people will simply think that TeamSpeak doesn’t know how to write proper software.


Bah I didn’t read if it was allowed or no, so I wrote those this ways…

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I’m not sure why people are doing this either : /


any update on clearing private server chat i know you can clear group/private communication chat but NOT provate servers chat

i have looked at road map but nothing stands out about this Trello

any one able to answeer this i know you can clear it on the ts3 client but not on the ts5 client

bla bla… not possible… just wait… bla bla…
Seriously if you miss a feature that is not part of the roadmap there is the wishlist.

You can not delete anything that doesn’t exist.

There are no chats stored on a Teamspeak Server.
They are stored in each client who got the message.


server chat delete i know its stored on the client but not sure where

In TS 3 in the config folder and deletion can be done in client under Tools → options - Security.
In TS vers. 5 it’s stored in the client database and there is no delete function yet.

That’s something you can add a request here: