My Cheat Sheet #БМ

In this crib I will try to answer the questions that I am constantly asked.
I hope it will be useful for many users!

And so what is often asked will go in order:

For an example I will consider the channel “CS” from my server.

Ready cut pictures for the channel

I also attach the PSD file for your convenience.
How to set a banner?

And so how does it work?

To do this, I use the SinusBot and turn on 1 plugin to configure 1 or more counters.
Plugin Name: countOnlineUsers
I think you can handle the rest of the settings yourself.
If you have any questions, write them here. I will try to help everyone!


Thanks alot, This really is so cool. you made ts server fun and enjoyable to watch… You have done an amazing work on your teamspeak and put ours to shame… Thanks for sharing and helping me.

This dident want to work on my old server so i had to update to newset teamspeak server and worked right away…

Thanks for sharing some pictures with me aswell <3 <3


Hello How set Channels Icon?

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Props for the great instructions :heart:
Really helpful :+1:

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As far as I understand, there is no such thing on TS5 yet (I can of course be wrong) On my server I make channel icons using TS3.
You can also install using “YaTQA”


Correct! All icons are a permission and because only group permissions got implemented yet you can not set client or channel icons.

It is currently In Progress


yes tnx i found already that its possible from yatqa but i wonder for example this icon

its worker from yatqa

but this not
1 (2)

as i see both are .png and bot are 32x32

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On my server I use icons 200x200 png in size and enough for me)))


How to leave it like this?
Photos with vivid colors, I tried to do the same and the images were darkened, or is it the TS5 itself leaving the photos in the darkened channels?
By the way, did you create templates for several games and compress them all or did you just create templates for a single game, in the case of CSGO?
It would be interesting if you could create these banners for various games.
Congratulations for the initiative.

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Alas, I don’t know how to make them so bright (
In the post above, I made the source for the type of “CS GO” in size that I use on my server.
If you need it for those who do not own PhotoShop, I can help make banners for other games
I do not see the difference in brightness. It seems that the pictures will also appear on my server.
The screenshot was just taken from this server.
(Maybe it depends on the resolution of the monitor, but I don’t think so)


Look here.
I went into his server, now and I saw that it is really darker, probably TS modified it.
Thank you for answering, my dear, I have already exclaimed, it is the TS himself who darkens the images.

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