My client does crash with Tokovoip enabled

Sent: 16384/70111 bytes
Sent: 70111/70111 bytes
Error: 201

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy expired.SR4NJETS53PMDQY2MSAURCAk0BUW+EdmaG4mqA5aeAU+H4CW/ydVJ8PBoYA7+K5Ldt9CnyXe2P40YdcfWFnqU1iC2T0=
What problem help me ?

please try start parameter -safemode . This will disable plugins and the client may be usable again

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the biggest problem for me is that i want to connect to my fivem server with tokovoip and what i sent it prints an error code after passing it to the server the tokovoip query then crashel with this error code safemode the problem is that the tokovoip plugin doesn’t work

i tested safemode then i removed it then went to server i start tst without safemode and with the same crash error code

Make sure you use the newest available version.
Can you upload a crashdump?
On Windows you will find the crash report under following path on your hard drive



If it still crashes there is now way you can use the problematic plugin.
You can try a re install of the plugin, but if this does not help than please contact the plugin author for this case. Maybe the Developer of that plugin find a solution and can fix this. :slight_smile:

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