My friends cant connect to the server

Hello. Me and my friends wanted to make a teamspeak3 server so we could talk while we play games together. I downloaded server file from (version 3.11.0 on windows) and made my server (its working). But when my friend wanted to join the server it would say that the server is blacklisted. Is there any other way to make a server with friends(for free)? Have i did something wrong while making the server(How to Make a Teamspeak Server: A Quick and Easy Tutorial)? Or maybe my friend did something wrong? Please help

You need to forward the ports on your router to the server.
Have a look here:

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Sorry but i dont really understand. How do i forward those ports to the server?

You have to go to your router configuration. There you should find an option to forward ports to specific clients. Could you tell me what router you are using?

the router is named Netiaspot. Im dont know what model it is.

Ok, this is what I found:

those are the ports you will need (only the top table)

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Ok. So i did everything you showed me but it did not change anything. I cant join server by using ip as the server adress, but i can do it by using ipv4 adress (i wrote ipconfig in cmd). But my friend still cant join the server. BTW sorry for my english because its not my first language.

What OS are you using?

windows 10

Have you set the Firewall settings?

yes i did

can you show me a screenshot of the port forwarding settings?

Make sure the outside ports match the device port.
So it should be:

9987 -> 9987


like this?

yes exactly

I still cant join by using my ip adress

Could you share the client log after trying to connect via your public IP?

where can i find client log?