My voice is filtered but echo isn't

So as I have seen there are a lot of mic problem issues for TS. However I haven’t seen any that have the problem that I have. So it goes like this, PTT doesn’t work simple enough right? When I do the test it doesn’t register my voice, however when I use PTT the audio coming from my speakers gets registered as the voice. Then the echo happens. So my question is how can it not detect my voice yet it can detect audio coming from my speakers?

You are not using your microphone as source. My wild guess without any example of your setup.
There is no filter that removes voice (as long you do not sound like anything else than a human :wink: )


How would I fix this? Do you need my setup to help me solve this?

There are a lot of things you can do / check out.


Drivers are updated. Both playback and capture devices are selected not default. For the bookmark profiles the capture and playback profile says default does that matter? teamspeak is granted access to microphone. How do I adjust the slider in your capture profile. The channel is moderated but I do have enough talk power. How do I know if the channel is in silence mode? Because I can hear other users. Volume is up. The client is not muted.

There is no slider for volume.
The name in bookmark is the name of the capture profile.
Channel is in silence mode when nobody can talk.

Maybe your microphone input is low. Check your driver/Windows settings for the volume and boost.
But from description I not think the microphone is selected or else your voice would be there when speaker is captured.

As I wrote in my first post and the one I gave you. We still need details about your settings and devices.
I’m guessing around and the chance is low to find out what is going on.

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