Myteamspeak email changing without access to old email

So, myteamspeak account was created on my old unused email adress, recently i tried to changed it but on login page it occured that my old email was deleted because it was not used for a very long time. And now i am stuck with myteamspeak account with some badges and i cant even change my email because it required validication and i can’t even do anything, i tried to “recreate” my old email but it didn’t work. Is there any way that i can change my email on account or even transfer the badges?


Sadly, no. You need access to your previous email account to be able to “transfer” myTS acc to another email.

So yeah, you’re stuck…

Also, badges can’t be transferred… Once used remains on an acc you used them on.


Maybe the support helps you with your problem :neutral_face:

Well, they can’t. Someone else on forum had the same problem and the answer was ”Sorry, we can’t help…”. It’s made this way for safety, so that no one can steal your account, even TS Staff.

try writing to your email service provider, I’m sure they’ll help :slight_smile:
or try to create same email address becouse the old one is deleted :smiley: so the address is available.

Or there might be a possibility that ”deleted” accounts are just marked as deleted in databases, but not truly deleted, so either logging in to said email, either creating it once more may result in failure.

That’s how a lot of companies manage accounts sadly.

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yep its ture, but the SP can reactivated the acc if its not truly deleted just inactivated :slight_smile:
so give it a try and send a mail to our support :slight_smile:

We do not use such mechanisms like “deactivated” or “marked for deletion”. If an account is deleted, it is really wiped from the database. But yeah, maybe your email provider does so, so good luck with that!
If you haven’t got access to the email address that the account belongs to, there’s not much we can do.


Depending on where the author of this thread lives, or even where the provider is located, it may be that if provider says that email is deleted, it truly means it’s deleted, and not deactivated (see GDPR).

Also, the author said


which means that this email must be stored in provider’s database kinda like this:
login: [email protected]_deleted
password: password

This means that logging to ”[email protected]” is seen as logging to an unexisting account.
Logging to ”[email protected]_deleted” is seen as an error, because there can’t be a domain ending in ”.com_deleted”.
Creating new email is seen as creating ”[email protected]” where this email somewhat is in this database and is considered as error once more.

Also bear in mind that deleting account is automated and for the sake of privacy rather nobody will manually change any database (or that’s what I think), even if such things as password are encrypted (which should be).

Wow, this was rather long explanation. Have a nice day! :smile:

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I lost access to the email of my team speak account, how could I change the email of the team speak account without access to my email?

You can’t!

You have a chance only if you have stayed logged in with the client.

A chance to do what exactly?

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I was talking to _p11 above me. If I remember correctly from the computer client (which I haven’t used the last two months to be sure) you have the ability to change the “myteamspeak” registered email (if he is still logged in of course)

The E-mail change can only be done on the website and requires access to the old one, because a validation mail is send to the old one to start the progress. And as long the validation did not happen the E-mail to the new address won’t be send.


Hello i deleted my old Email adress and now i cant change it to the new one pls help

If you have no access to your previous e-Mail which is currently registered, then there’s nothing you can do about it.


None of the points validate that the person writing here is the same as the owner. Any detail you tell us can be seen by logging in into the account.

Whiteout access to the old email address there is no way to change it in the account.

At this point renaming is disabled. We have no date when this will be possible again.


I have searched for this issue and could not find it, I no longer have access to my old email address, how do I get it changed to my new Email address?

Contact the support, but i’m not sure if they will make something or all datas and synchronized stuff will be wiped idk.

Thanks, tried here first

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