Need help. Can't log into my TS5 Client

Hello guys,

I need some help with my TS5 Client. I’m not able to log in anymore. I can log into my myteamspeak account and in this community form. But when I start the client and enter my account data nothing happens after clicking sign in button. In my myteamspeak account I still have my Test badge from 2019 and the beta key I’ve got. I checked my log and this is what it tells me:

[2024-06-06 17:42:17.855] [info] Notifications_Windows ctor
[2024-06-06 17:42:18.014] [info] TeamSpeak Client 5.0.0-beta77 (2023-12-12 11:58:52)
[2024-06-06 17:42:18.014] [info] SystemInformation: Windows 10 (19045) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
[2024-06-06 17:42:18.187] [info] failed to load static integration list
[2024-06-06 17:42:48.015] [info] starting download for
[2024-06-06 17:43:27.393] [warning] Error contacting URL Canceled: SSLServerVerification
[2024-06-06 17:46:31.837] [warning] Error contacting URL Canceled: SSLServerVerification

Some help would be nice :slight_smile:

best wishes MASHINE


Are your Drivers and is your Windows Up-to-date?

Another User here in the Forum has the same Problem you have in the Past.

Here is the old Thread:

Hey Rikku,

thx for your nice fast reply :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s my Windows Version. I installed Windows like a month ago and I used the mediacreation tool to download the newest version of it. I also installed the latest updates. This is a shot of my Windows Info:

I also went to the microsoft page to compare the latest version which gives me the same buildnumber. Here is the MS shot:

I checked the form for this topic for solutions before I created my own ofc. Or is there a newer version of Win10 out which I can’t find ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. Are your Drivers are up-to-Date?
And have you tried a Reinstallation of the Client?

I’m back and I just did a quick test. My drivers are up to date as well and there are no newer drivers out there for my x-fi Titanium fatality soundcard.


I just did a quick test and installed Ubuntu 22.04 in my VMware Player. Guess what happened. TS5 works on Ubuntu. I’ll set up a nice clean install of Ubuntu and screw over Windows :smiley: . Should work on Win10 as well cuz they use same drivers. Some evidence shot :slight_smile:

Windows is very noob :slight_smile:

It looks great and nice to see that it works.
And that you found a suitable Solution. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TeamSpeak :blue_heart:

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ya, I hate Discord and I stick with TS for so many years now. I’m very thankfull that TS supports Linux as well, server and client side. I’m a little servernoob and host everything on Linux. I’m part of an international BFME community and they don’t wanna leave Noobcord cuz they can stream there games over it. If TS adds the stream function to TS5 as well I’ll be able to bring all the guys back to TS.

I hope I was able to show a solution for some people on this form.

best wishes MASHINE :slight_smile: