New identity, favorite server deleted, but still all contacts present. on all servers at first online: 12. 04. 2020 instead of the correct date 2018

On 12. 04. 2020 I have restarted my TS, when I at the website:
www. teamspeak. com/userarea/notifications twice clicked on Dashboard No notifiactions. When I restarted Ts then, all my contacts were gone, all favorite servers resetet and my data from the Ts server eg First online: e. g. B 14. 8. 2018 changed to 12. 4. 2020.
This I have done everything only, because I could pack on my Acc no badges on it, because if I had redeemed the codes, then it would always be that I already own this, when I then looked at badges configure, everything was empty.
Then I have already sent several e-mails to Ts-Support, and unfortunately could not help me there, so I am here now.
When I became aware of a post in the forum, I saw that the user had almost the same problem as me. His contribution was this:

"I closed my teamspeak and restarted my computer, when i opened my teamspeak again i had lost all my permissions on all my teamspeaks and required a password to log in to them passwords had previously been saved in my bookmarks. I went to check my identities and only the default one appears where there had been multiple in the past.

All my bookmarks and settings have remained, i have no idea where to start with potentially retrieving my old identities, i dont have a restore point for my computer because my external hard-drive with my backups has recently failed"


OK, so… You say you reseted your TS. Do you mean you reseted your password? Or if not, what exactly cause from reading your post it’s quite hard to understand otherwise.

If that’s the case, you need to enter your recovery key, which might have happened considering

see here.

If by resetting your TS you mean you formatted your PC, then you should be able to recover stuff by logging in to myTS acc as you say

which means that maybe, just maybe, you haven’t had Synchronization turned on fully.

Sadly, if it’s the latter and you haven’t backed up your Identities, or had changed Synchro options, the chances of getting back everything turn to nearly zero.


So now my question is, where exactly can I enter the key now? So how do I get there. ( German version)

If you read the first topic I linked you, you’d know where to put Recovery Key.

Simply, check if you have an rectangular icon with exclamation mark on bottom, click on it and then paste your RK. I believe it’s also possible to do this via Options Menu, but right now I’m not 100% sure.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to help me. I used the recovery key yesterday.
When I opened TS today, all my favorite servers were there and was back in my beautiful old identity.


Glad I was able to help.

This is also great lesson for the future; backup everything you think might be useful in at least 3 copies in at least 2 places.