No more updates for TeamSpeak 3?

On December 5, I started a post about the white background on the icons that was introduced on the latest update. On December 18, they released some beta patch notes for 3.5.7, where they were changing the icons.

On January 21, they posted on that thread this, and closed the thread last month without releasing the update nor announcing any other patch for TS3.

Does this mean that they are done with TeamSpeak3 and focusing just on TS5 to release it officially as soon as the can?

  • No we are not done with TS3 updates. We want to maintain the client in future. But we won’t add new features.
  • We still have the 3.5.7 stable update in a pipeline but not as high priority.
  • Yes we investigate our manpower for TeamSpeak version 5 and not for TS3 to get it done.
  • We closed the thread because pointless comments that got added after months.

Thanks for all the clarifications @TS.ChrisR :smile:

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