TS3 Icon on Windows 10 StartMenu got a mesh with latest update

Until now, the only icon looking “bad” on my start menu was the FaceIT anticheat with that white background. But suddendly TeamSpeak3 updates and this horrible thing appears…

And its even worst that when you open it, the icon changes

It also happens with TeamSpeak 5 beta


C’mon Teamspeak you can do it better!


looks like the new tile logo ist not transparent.

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Yep, a very easy fix and a very easy thing to check out before releasing it to the public…

Just hope they are aware and they fix it soon. The OCD is killing me!

Heya, ever since the updated logo, the live tile (app shortcut when pinned to the start menu) has a ugly white background instead of a transparent one. Microsoft moved away from having background images/colors for live tiles so this looks super off with TeamSpeak using one.



I had a bit of a go at it. I am not graphics wizard, though, so don’t expect perfection. The font in the medium tile looks different compared to the original, because I didn’t want to spend any time on customising the font itself.

tile_70 tile_150


Thank you very much Brady_The, ill give that a try till they fix it.

Also thanks for the DarkenTS theme.

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Looks like they will fix this on the next update :slight_smile:

Full thread with the beta patch notes:

Thanks to all for keeping this thread visible to the devs, cheers!