No sound from app

This started 2 days ago. Running win11 pro. Using TS3. I started the client up and now I get no sound from the client. The connected notification has no sound. when i push to talk people say they here me but i cant hear them. I see the indicator light up that they are talking. Even changing channels no sound. Now my computer has sound. I hear my games and video and system sounds. I uninstalled all folders related to the app and reinstalled still cant hear anything in ts. Other people in my clan have complained they are having issues with theirs the past few days. Let me know if there is a solution i havent tried. Thanks

Hey @garfield411

It looks like the Client cant pick the Playback Device from your System.
Try to select your Device directly and not Default under
TS3 : Tools > Options > Playback

Anyway check this Thread out:

What can i do when i do not hear anything or can't talk

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