No sound when more then 9 clients in one channel

Hey forum,

I’am admin of a teamspeak sever and have the following problem:

As soon we have 9 or more people in one channel, we have no audio whatsoever. Never noticed this before, because we are a pretty small server. Any idea what I have to change so we can talk with 10 or more people?

Is it possible that silence is forced, then please have a look at this thread.

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The problem is in all channels. Min clients is set to 10, but i cant change it.

Is the server self-hosted or did you get it from another hoster?
If it’s self-hosted then you may have remove some perms from the server admin group or ask the server admin to change it (if it’s a friend of yours).
If it’s from another hoster, you can always send a message to their support and they will help you.

I hosted it on Nitrado. I thought it would only effect the default channel.

Nope, this option applies to all channels. So, in your case just contact Nitrado’s support and ask then to change the value.

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