Permision context menu does not show all groups (since 3.5.0)

Hi. In last update you changed context menu server groups (below). Can I change to look like it used to be? It’s easier for adminis on my Teamspeak server to see a group spacer ( :diamonds:Administrator ranks​:diamonds:, :diamonds:4Fun ranks​:diamonds: etc.) and giving them to users.

Improved client context menu to filter inaccessible groups and permission related tools.

Yes by changing needed member add power of that group to a level your admins have already.

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The thing is it looked really nice having grey spacers between your black servergoups so you can easily distinguish AND not accidentally assign the spacers.

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But i have a few admins rank like root/query/sa/hsa etc. and i cant give them same power to add a new user to rank :< Do something that i can change this to old like.

So i was helping a mate fix his ts yet we came across a problem in which ranks/group Guest and normal did’nt had power to view the “set server group” and channel group i tried to find a way in permissions but failed.

Yet it looks like this for any Guests

This is what i want it but they should only be able to view this and things such as Guest ranks may not be able to interact ranks as that is for them to only view and not add ranks

(if anyone can help i’d be greatful)

I guess it is not shown because they do not have the permission to set any groups.

Before 3.5.0 was able to see everything. In that update, as said by @TS.ChrisR:
* Improved client context menu to filter inaccessible groups and permission related tools.

Now only if you can access specific menu, it is shown to you. If you want users to see all existing groups, you need to let them assign groups, which probably would ruin server.

so no other way at the monent , don’t wanna ruin the server XD

I have a tittle problem. I tryed to fix it for 1 hour but i cant get a solution. Ranks, which i´m not allowed to give, are normaly grey. I have the problem, that i cant see them. My friend said, that they are grey in his view. It probably must be a settings, but i cant find it.
I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Your friend is using an old client. This was changed in 3.5.0

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in the new update the permission, i_group_needed_member_add_power,if I put for example 75, the members will not be able to see, if I put for example 60 they can see and define.
how do I let them see, but not define?

You can’t have both in latest pc clients.

A group a user can not assign is not shown in context menu, but still in client info when assigned.


I cannot see ranks that I cannot add.
Is it possible to change that because it is very uncomfortable without ranks being sorted by certain categories (I mean ranks that cannot be added and separate certain ranks).

No, as this was hardcoded to Client in version 3.5.0. Since then you are unable to see inaccessible groups.

See here.
* Improved client context menu to filter inaccessible groups and permission related tools.