Photo bug

Hello if i make screen and i try it send to anyone it don’T send i only send what i type

This is not implemented yet. You can only send files via the global chat system (incl. pictures)


Um, sending any files on any chat is not implemented in TS5, no matter where/how as it’s based on TS3 Server, which doesn’t support this. Overall sending any files in TS5 is not possible, at least until file transfer is implemented.

If you want to send pictures, videos, etc. you need to upload them somewhere and send link to them.

And if I’m wrong, please correct me, at best with a screenshot or short video.

As you said it is not possible to send files via a server chat.
It is possible to send files to contacts and groups via the global messaging system:


Ok, so I was wrong. Thanks for correcting as the only person I know with TS5 still uses TS3 and only used 5 once ~6 montha ago.


Image Sending Bug