[Plugin] Stream Deck Plugin for TeamSpeak 5


Connecting TeamSpeak

Launch TeamSpeak and head over to the Settings β†’ Remote Apps. Make sure that the Port is set to 5899

Now you should see a request sent by the Plugin, accept it.

Setting up Keybindings

After the connection is established, you need to bind each Stream Deck Button to a TeamSpeak Keybinding. (Similar to what you do with a regular Key. The Plugin just sends virtual Keys)

So set up your Buttons on the Stream Deck, select the corresponding function you want the Button mapped to.

For example, you place the Mute Action on your Stream Deck, then you need to select Choose on the Mute Binding in TeamSpeak and press the Button on the Stream Deck. You need to repeat this for every other Key, as TeamSpeak currently does not offer a way to set up the Bindings automatically!

After setting all Keybindings, you are read to talk (or not if you are muted)!

Configuration of Whisperlists

Create a Whisperlist in TeamSpeak

Place your Button on the Stream Deck and input the name of the Whisperlist (This name does not need to match, but could interfere with other Whisperlist Buttons if two buttons are named the same)

Click on Choose to set the Keybinding, then press the Button on the Stream Deck and select the Whisperlist on the left side beside the Keybinding.

Changelog (v1.0.0 - latest Version)

Initial Release :partying_face:

You can find the complete changelog in the Releases section.


All Push to Activate Buttons can be toggled to act as Toggle to Activate

Download & Installation

You should download it from the Elgato Store!

Bug Reports

If you have found a bug or encountered an issue while using the Plugin, please report it on the GitHub Issues page. Please follow these guidelines when submitting an issue:

Feature Requests

If you have any feature requests or suggestions for improving the Plugin, feel free to share them on the GitHub Discussions page. I appreciate your feedback and will consider it for future updates.


I would like to thank @Gamer92000 – GitHub for their contribution to this project.

Thank you for using this Plugin <3!


Thank you for creating this Plugin. :slight_smile:

Nice job! :ok_hand:

Awesome job !

One little question where is the button to activate Mic on server ?

The plugin sends virtual key bindings to the client. Therefore it is not possible to activate the mic on a server. Also it is pretty hard to determine which server is currently active. If the remotes apps receive updates it may be possible to add that. But I personally don’t know a real/good way to implement it.

For example if you are connected to 3 or more different servers? Cycling between all does not seem to be a good solution.


Alright sad to hear but as long as we finaly got now a wonderfull pluign for StreamDeck , im more then grateful


Thank you for creating this plugin. This is exactly what I needed <3

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Hats off to his work and contribution to the community. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the benefits of this plugin. Keep up the excellent work, and I hope he continues to enhance the TeamSpeak experience even further!

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could you create this plugin also for Loupdeck?