Purchased License / Unable to allow users to connect to my teamspeak

I recently purchased a TeamSpeak License thinking i would be able to go “Online” where other members from my community could join. I really need assistance to figure out how to activate my license and allow my TeamSpeak to be joinable. Can someone help me please set this up?

Correction my license is activated but I don’t know how to put my TeamSpeak online with my license showing active so people can join with my TeamSpeak IP and password.

So, first of all are you hosting your teamspeak on your VPS or localhost?

I’m running it directly off my server. When i downloaded my license key it came in a text form as well

You have to insert the license where your teamspeak server is installed. And then restart the server.

Where do i insert it? I have done this numerous times and it will now show a license key active

Does the license key come in a text form? like shown above?

You literally just insert the licensekey.dat file where teamspeak is installed.

so i don’t have my file in the correct spot?

Your file is in “serverquerydocs”.
You need to put lidensekey.dat file into your teamspeak server folder.

Like This?


Did you download your license from customer center?
Customer center - https://sales.teamspeakusa.com

It should look like this

Same person had to login under a new account so i can continue to message you.

Click on licensekey.dat and you will download your license, and just insert that file where your teamspeak server is.

I am his friend helping him and he wanted me to say “I restarted the TeamSpeak it’s still showing no active license. Once we get passed this how will the server be joinable to other members?”

We have imported it into the correct location, restarted and refreshed the server and we still have no license appearing on our server, It is for a fivem Rp server that is why we need this… It still is not working when we go to import it like I just stated and we have tried everything I personally know to do…