Querypoolsize paramter is not recognized / Fivem server is laggy

Dear Teamspeak Team PLS do something!
i just want to Play Lagfree!!

@Teamspeak PLS HELP :heart: The RP scene deserves it :heart:


Without being too prejudiced, I have the impression that your community or people you know are trying to push your post.

Please refrain from doing so @Makaveli45


Please Help us!

Looks like it. Nevertheless would it be great if the dev of ts3 could have a look at it and try to fix our case.

I gave a way to reduce this lag. Pushing this thread will not change the way to reduce the lag.
We thought about that already and looked at how the plugins are working and Mute/unmute is a bad way.

You can whisper via pluginSDK.
No matter if client has VAD or PTT set and no whisper lists are needed to be setup in client.

The only thing that is true is the sound setting when you get a whisper but not an issue that can be solved by giving people an how to setup their client.


So I would guess that requestClientSetWhisperList would also “start” whispering to the specified clients and in order to stop you’d have to pass NULL as channels and clients?
This would mean that you have to listen to ts3plugin_onEditCapturedVoiceDataEvent and if the sending flag is set, then requestClientSetWhisperList has to be triggered with the clients that should be able to hear you.
After the sending flag goes back to 0 you’d have to trigger requestClientSetWhisperList with NULL.
This way VAD and PTT can still be used by the user, correct?
Since the talking flag of ts3plugin_onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent is also true while whispering (according to the doc) it seems to not be usable in that case.

Are allowWhispersFrom and removeFromAllowedWhispersFrom server commands? These seem to be able to handle only one client at a time, with 800 clients on a server this would result in 800 calls in the beginning, 800 at the end and all the joining/leaving clients in between would also cause a command from all the other clients.
In case this is a server command, wouldn’t that pretty much change nothing and is it possible to get a function to do that for a whole channel or multiple clients instead of a single client?

I appreciate you for trying to help and direct us to a solution, but i would hope for more than a response with 1 or 2 sentences.

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Help us Teamspeak🤝

Please help us :c


Good morning. Any news from the Devs?

My teamspeak server have 23% of packetloss when the server reach about 600 users. The CPU usage is optimal, spec are ryzen9 3950x and 2Gbit uplink. I don’t know why this teamspeak have this packetloss “Out”. “i’m using saltychat for fivem server on this teamspeak”.


Update! the packet loss out is only visible on “control” table.

That’s the reason. But the Dev of the plugin may be working on an update already (can’t say for sure).


Salty chat is client side btw, how you can explain this lag… i need a solution because my customer is paying 700 slots.

True but it sends packages over the client to the server and the way it and other do at the moment are to much.

As said please contact the dev of the plugin. This answer will not change for now.


Still not normal that someone can cause that much lag on the teamspeak server doing that.

TeamSpeak should be able to handle thousands of users (there’s someone selling licenses for 1000 slots, I saw stuff for 4096 slots) without any issue.

I would really like to see that solved.

Im having the same problem, any fix?

Which Server Version do you use?

I was in 3.13.3 and i updated to 3.13.6 trying to fix it but still same issue