Question on LOGS by very noob admin

Hi there

I have had my own server at home for years but never really learned a LOT about the admin side. I had a troll login to the server last night. They were banned immediately but they had permissions to access channels so they had been in the server under a different name previously. I know their unique ID. How can I find who they were before ? (previous login name etc). I cannot find any log files so I’m assuming it might be done by serverquery ?


Logging must be enabled for cases (before the events happens) or else you will not get all details you asked here.

Under server settings you will you can enable what should be locked.

For question about finding users with permissions: You should do a permreset to make sure all users with hidden permissions lose these.


Where are these settings ? I cannot find them !


serveredit command in ServerQuery or in Server settings when you use the TS3 client (more button mussed be pressed or you only see some settings).


Hi again

Thanks for your help !

Ok - I now have telnet working and have connected to the server. I have tried to login but always get…

Welcome to the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery interface, type “help” for a list of comm
ands and "help " for information on a specific command.
login [username and password redacted] error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter

I have access via client and I am admin of the server. I tried setting up a NEW Serverquery Login via the client but still cannot login with it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I should mention I am running this on Win7

Ok I created another new serverquery id and password and I’m now actually logged in but I now get messages like

error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=3

So I assume the ID I created is not logged in as admin. How can I reset/obtain the admin login without resetting anything else please ?

Many thanks

Why just don’t you use the client and edit your server settings there?

The login you did create only has limited permissions to that server. You can not run commands like serverlist. Only the user with login serveradmin can do this by default.

If you want to do the permreset you need that serveradmin login.

For the case you do not remember the password.


I have the client but I cannot see anything that would create text logs of server activity.

Many thanks

  • Right click your server name.
  • Choose Edit Virtual Server
  • Press the More button on bottom (in case there is no button named Less)
  • Select the Logs tab
  • Enable the logs you want.
  • Press Apply or OK
    Now server logs what is activated.

AHA So THAT is where they hid it !!!

Thanks very much for that.

I thought there had to be an easier way but as I said in the title, I’m a noob !! I will however still have a go at recovering my serverquery stuff though.

Many thanks :slight_smile: