RAM bug over 3GB in ram

i have in teamspeak 5 client after 24h over 3gb ram. it not normal or??

plz fix bug.

Normal for me too, it´s random as it seems. There are a lot of people out there having around 200-300MB RAM usage, which sounds nice! But there are also a lot like you and me :confused: Sadly there is nothing in the log file that could help solve this problem so we just have to wait patiently to get a fix in the future if the devs happen to find out what the problem is. :slight_smile:

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If you have the TeamSpeak beta installed since some earlier versions it was found that clearing the cache (or in general the appdata folder) can show some improvements.
However RAM usage is not optimal yet and can easily reach in the GBs for some people.

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The devs are actively working on this, it may not make the next update though. I’ll double check with some of the devs and then get back to you.


7 hours of work.
after the upgrade, less resources are used.
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hahaha same issue i get 7 gb ram used then it laggs and crashes

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If anyone has any more info on this one (or steps to reproduce), please let us know! As Adam says above, we’re investigating!


ive reported the crashing to a blank screen when program runs out of ram but i have 64 gb ram and it gets sluggush when it hits 7 to 8 gb ram

i keep ts5 running for a month i dont even close the program or run it for just overa month then ram gets bigger and bigger

how much ram is on the pc as i have 64 gb though

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what is ram on system running just so i know im trying to replicate the bug but seems to me if i keep program runnning for amonths the size of ram gets bigger

Why do you keep it running for a month without restarting?

im talking on 3 different servers each day lol and too lazy to shutdown and keeping an eye on servers

So you’re too lazy to take 30 seconds restarting?

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It certainly shouldn’t be eating RAM regardless of how you use it :smiley:


I can do a memory dump if needed, but 670MB of RAM after 2 hours of (not) usage with just 2 servers connected with both mic and audio muted… That’s not normal, at least for a software that has to do voice comms like TS.

The more info the better - agreed, it’s absolutely not normal, but even idling in servers I haven’t been able to reproduce it myself :confused:


I’ve decided to post my report about this in the following thread: [Bug] High RAM usage report (probably related to window management)