Recent Used Devices wrong

Hi there,

the list of Recent Used Devices in your account overview is wrong.
It currently says i’m in Zurich, Switzerland but my IP Address is in the Subnet from my Company and tbey newer changed the City or something else. They own the Subnet over 10 years now.
The other (Safari) Login is also wrong, the Country is also Gemany.

Can you please check why these Locations are completly wrong?

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We’re looking into this one, thanks for the report!

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I guess the geo location database the forum uses isn’t quite as precise as the ones used by - for example - Telegram.

The forum says I’m in Düsseldorf while I’m actually in Cologne. The forum is off by a couple of kilometers. Telegram got it right. But I guess they invested some money into a precise geo location database because it’s part of their platform’s security concept.

This is just a forum after all.

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Some kilometers are normal and ok.
But in this case it is an ip from my company which never changed the location and the AS / subnet last changed in: last-modified: 2001-09-22T09:33:54Z

@davinciTS do you need the subnet or the AS number?

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This should now be fixed!


It´s fixed! :sunglasses:

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