Reinstalled my windows and found myself no longer the Admin of my server

I am using the windows version of the teamspeak3-server. Somebody please help!

Check if you have your Identity still backed up in your account.

Press CTRL + I and check if you have an Identity in the synchronized box.

If there is your old Identity check if the Identity is set in your Bookmark settings.

Press CTRL + B and select Go Advanced select your Bookmark and check if the Identity is selected on the right side.

If you do not have your Identity anymore you need to follow these steps to recover your Server Group

(Found an archived version of the thread “How to use the Server Query”)

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Thank you for the Hint. :slight_smile:
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Hi! I am trying to fix my issue. I noticed I need serverquery username and password to log in? Where can I find these Information? Does teamspeak automatically create an admin account and save it somewhere?

The Login Credentials for this is only shown ONCE when the server is started for
the first time. For example on Windows:


And this is how it looks like on Linux:

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You can also find the login credentials for the Query in one of the first logs created by the server.