Require myTeamSpeak

Is it posible to require myTeamSpeak?
For example:

  • person A has no myTeamspeak Account and want to connect to the Server. Server refuse Connection because Person A has no myTeamSpeak Account

All other Persons has a myTeamSpeak Account

  • Person B don’t send the ID to the Server. Server refuse Connection

  • Person C send the ID to the Server and the Server Accept the Connection

  • Person D send the ID to the Server but he has a myTeamSpeakID ban. Server sends the ban Message

I think it’s a Security Feature for the Servers.

To keep an order let’s start with the fact you can already lock out clients which aren’t sending their myTeamSpeak identify while connecting.
This can be done setting up a myTeamSpeak ban without actually entering an ID.

myTeamSpeak as verification

In my opinion generally arguing about myTeamSpeak acts as trusted service to keep unwanted clients out is nonsense.

It doesn’t require any specific verification to register a myTeamSpeak account and therefore new accounts can be “spammed”.
Even unsigned, self hosted or known spam email addresses can be used to activate those accounts.
Thus this whole process can’t be called a verification.

Furthermore TeamSpeak “claims” to respect the users privacy and to keep data secure.
That’s the reason an even more complex verification will never exist which would need to collect your personal data to verify your identity.

Thus myTeamSpeak will never act as trusted service to verify a person or it’s account like known services which require any kind of personal data.

Whitelisting nowadays

Something TeamSpeak implemented and may hasn’t got a lot of attention is the ability to create API keys/tokens.

These can be used for several scenarios such as whitelisting clients for example for private or protected servers without sharing passwords or secrets.

Instead of relying on myTeamSpeak as trusted service to verify clients, you can create or include your own verification system.
And it can’t be easier to do.

Implementing any kind of verification into your website, application or service is easy to do these days.
After the client has successfully passed your verification process you can simply generate a token for your TeamSpeak server which will allow the client to connect to your protected server without getting to know a password or what so ever.

This verification can for example filter IPs, countries, languages, use third party verification systems for example the Steam API etc. to whitelist your clients.
Or even an easier example it could just be part of your website which requires to be logged in.

Anyway generating these tokens is easy and even more easier since TeamSpeak introduced the WebQuery endpoint.
Sending a simple cURL request to your endpoint to generate a token requires a few lines of code only.
Tokens can of course expire if needed or be one-use-only.
The request response will include your token a can be parsed as a simple link on your website for example the client can client on getting redirected to your TeamSpeak server (using ts3server:// protocol URLs).

That’s it.

As you can see whitelisting nowadays or verifying clients is easier than ever before but requires some work to be set up of course.

Yes it is. Just create a new ban entry with the empty myteamspeak id!
banadd mytsid=empty banreason=This\sserver\srequires\sa\sMYTS\sID

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I think this is still a good idea.

With the intention to lock out trolls you could also that say the person either needs to have a myTeamSpeak account or security level X.

So myTeamSpeak users does not have to increase their security level.
And if a troll gets banned, he has to spend a lot of time to reconnect.

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