Server group can not join a channel when their join power is high enough

I need help with server groups and channel groups.
I am trying to restrict access for certain server groups to not be able to join a certain channel in the server.
By default people get the channel group and server group default.
I made some roles like for example: A second admin account with a bunch of less things he could do.
The weird part comes up here.
I want people to receive a sort of unverified role so they can’t mess around until I give them perms.
I use the default channel as welcome channel and another channel I want unverifieds to be able to join which is meant just for giving perms.
So I set the 2 channels join power at 10 and gave the unverified role 10 join power, 10 subscribe power etc.
Then when I give a server group with a join power of 50 (a member for example) to someone (by default they have channel group default), they can’t join the channels that require this higher permission, even when I set the join, sub and other perm for joining at 50 in that particular channel.
Could someone help me, I am lost.

This happens when a server group has permission set, but a channel (or channel group in your case) overwrites this permission.

Here is a forum thread to explain and solve that.

Ps. on channel only needed powers should be set. It’s not clear if you meant that.

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Hello and thank you for your quick response.

I want to use these permissions so I can choose whether or not a certain channel can be joined by power.
When I set it here:

It won’t work or for some reason glitch. Is that to do with the issue you mentioned above?

You need to have following setup if you plan to restrict channel access for server groups but allow some to join.

  • Set a needed join power to target channel with value X (your first pic).
  • Have a server or channel group with join power also with value X or higher (your second pic).
  • Ensure server group’s join power is not overwritten by a channel or channel group (see the link)
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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Gonna try this out and see if I can get it to work