Serverquery problems since 3.13.5


since the upgrade to teamspeak server 3.13.5 on my linux VPS i have issues with serverquery.
Usually i control my teamspeak server with YatQa and after the upgrade to 3.13.5 i was able to connect to the server just as usual for the first 2-3 times but after that i can`t establish any connection at all and i need to restart my server instance (systemctl restart…) and it works for a couple of times, before it fails again.

At first i thought the error might be in YatQa but i double checked it with TS3 Manager and it shows the exact same behavior. I can connect when the server just came up online for 2-3 times but after that, the connection

query_protocol is set to ssh in my ts3server.ini and i am using a non default port as a query port.
It worked always fine and the only difference is the recent upgrade to 3.13.5.

Did anyone of you experienced something similar?

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