Shared servers not working correctly

Friends in my contact list show a false shared server (they share the beta ts5 server) where they are not on. This has happened several times, even on TeamSpeak 3 servers.


Can confirm, i somehow got my second account 24/7 online on TS5 (somehow via relogging many times) [even when my pc was off]
and sharing that it was connected to the even if the user was not connected

// I dont know if that wasn’t only client sided

recently i had to log into that account (bcs i was using it for the homebase test) which fixed it :smiley:


Are these contacts also homebase user on the beta server?

In that case the presence in general will not work as expected. It’s turned off and will not update any presence status for others.


Nope, the guy didn’t set a Homebase on the ts5 server. @Cornelius shared a TeamSpeak 3 server as well, even though he was not connected to the Server.
see attached screenshot:

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It happend for me before the homebase test

But after logging into it so i can use it for the homebase test it worked normally :ok_hand:

Yup this exactly happend for me also… On my alt account, it was pretty weird seeing my alt account online 24/7 and even sharing connections while the account was not used/connected anywhere :smiley:

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