Some question, suggestion, future :)

Good afternoon everyone!
As an owner of one middle sized servers of TeamSpeak, In the name of my friends and mine (we are using TS since TeamSpeak 2) we would like to ask about some future features :slight_smile:
We do understand that TeamSpeak is different than its Competitor, but are you going to:

  1. Have screen sharing over server? One of the another comptetitor already implented it, and its working very well.
  2. Client through website?
  3. Better mobile app since TS5 will be released?
  4. Easier bots install?
  5. What about icons like 24x24, it would make better quality for it, its really nice feature, TS5 would handle it.

I do apologise questions for many questions, but I couldnt get any reasonable answer for it.
In our opinion this is the key for TeamSpeak to be number 1 again and all the questions have been repeated by different people.
Thank you!


Check this list :smiley:
5. use svg icons or larger resolution png :slight_smile: exemple we use 64x64 png icons on our server , i think its perfect :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your answer, I didnt see this list :slight_smile:
Now everything is clear and I am waiting for most of these features :))
Edit: But SVG icons will be visible only if I click on the client? Not in the tree on the right side? Thats what i mean, customable size, if i want to see 10 users on channels and ranks on the right side, would be nice if I can set it to 24x24 or 32x32 :slight_smile: not only 16x16

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Try to clear cache :slight_smile: