TeamSpeak Client - Checking in with everyone

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well? So! Over a good amount of time, we have received lots and lots of suggestions about what you would love to see in the new TeamSpeak client which is much appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Now! Some of the suggestions are from quite some time ago, so my post today is to begin collecting all of your ideas in a single post (Please note: This isn’t for bug reports, this is purely for things you would absolutely love to see implemented in the new client if possible).

I’ve read over every single message that people have sent in (which took quite some time ^^), however thoughts and feelings about what you would like to add might of changed since you added your initial thoughts, so this is more to double check that this is your main priority to you as an individual.

Step two, once everyone has had a good chance to share their current thoughts, we will all then vote on what our main priorities are as a collective group.

Idea wise, I honestly don’t mind if it’s in the grand scheme of things a small or big idea, or potentially out with our comfort zone, what we want to make sure of is the communities stamp is indeed visible on the new client and overall presents a collective vision.

Try to avoid duplicate posting if possible and if you see something you agree with from another user, throw them a like :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading this and stay safe!

Ideas posted so far:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Call
  • (Group mode for both of the above)
  • Close to tray
  • Custom main menu
  • App integration (such as Spotify/iTunes/Twitch etc)
  • What game am I playing? (Status viewer)
  • Custom themes
  • Subscription functionality for servers (even if you’re not logged in)
  • Confusion surrounding server versions/ilcensing concerns needs to be addressed
  • End to end encryption for the messaging system and the facility to reside entirely on a server
  • New Mobile App (This is already happening)
  • Webclient
  • Hiding special channels
  • NPL (This would fall under licensing concerns I think)
  • Expanded query function
  • API to make bots
  • Integrate a TS server into rooms with a direct connect button to the server
  • Language Packs (This will be added as we go along)
  • Better search functionality for rooms/quote functions for rooms
  • Announcement system for server announcements
  • Drag and drop sharing/copy paste for every kind of file in server and private chat with new permissions to control this.
  • Make it easier to create a server/bots/file sharing
  • No paid servers and no server slots limit (so effectively, rely on funds from elsewhere)?
  • Improved code sharing and bug fixing system between visual studio and code copied from chat
  • More customisation surrounding usernames/text/chat/channel or room names. Modify own colours.
  • A donation system for larger communities
  • A badge that can level up in it’s own merit (like time using TeamSpeak for example)
  • New weblist
  • TS hosted Server, potential “Extended” Function, which calculates the size of a server, therefore deploys slots to match the users requirements
  • Improved ingame overlay (primarily for streaming)
  • “I like all these ideas, but privacy is the priority for me” (DM I received)
  • Hotkeys for joysticks, steering wheels etc.
  • More friendly permission system (potentially with the option to create your own permissions)
  • Calendar system
  • Advertising system based on groups
  • Perhaps turn TS3 into the TeamSpeak Lite edition (for older PC’s or devices with limited functionality)
  • A function for channel tagging/pokes and Channeldescription.
  • Detachable UI
  • “Focus on the lightness and stability of the program” & “Video and screen transmission on dedicated servers are in charge of the server itself and not the TS servers”.
  • Change friend types (Like buddy or guildy etc).
  • Checking permissions without changing my own group. (Perhaps a test facility option)?
  • (Topic of screen sharing) - Ability to use server bandwidth so the resolution/bitrate can be specified.
  • Recording in general (possibility to integrate this into API, however we would need to be careful with privacy surrounding this).
  • Cross compatible
  • Channel description formatting
  • Additional formatting tags that restricts a client version. (Also can be used as a tool for server direction/guides).
  • Master Volume TS3 style
  • Private server creation, but low latency
  • Pin post in a channel (might need more info for this one)
  • Overwolf refresher
  • Classic TS sound affects/skins
  • Wallet/TS Coin (currency)
  • GPU - CPU limiter (optimizer/modifier)
  • Imrproved server group organisation. The potential to create your own categories for your groups to make for clearer overviews for the SO and users
  • Dev mode for TS5 (example shown in post 68)
  • Potential for SO’s to see messages posted by users (privacy comes into play here, not sure if this could be done).
  • Compatible with Nvidia Shield TV
  • A new overlay altogether as opposed to Overwolf
  • With an increase of crossplay gaming, we should consider consoles
  • Potential to limit emoji’s in chat
  • Persistent chat in channels option (so new users can catch up on the previous)
  • Hidden channels (that only some people can see, people without permission can’t see)
  • A TS official status page
  • TeamSpeak voting system for future implementations/feature requests
  • Video call topic - NDI support?
  • Potential cryptocurrency/TS Coin for activities/rewards etc
  • Achievement system in general
  • The ability to use protocol links in channel descriptions
  • The ability to incorporate iframes and embeds in channel descriptions
  • Backwards compatibility to extend to TS2?
  • HTTP Proxy support added
  • Always show advanced option rethink
  • Scroll lock to prevent channel scrolling (which is worse in larger servers)
  • Reply function (other users quote appears / app swipe right to reply to comment etc)
  • A Webserver GUI for remote server management
  • Comment reactions (to avoid the +1, +1, +1 scenario)
  • Hide posted message (gif,video) etc and cancel option while downloading.
  • ServerQuery access in TS5 (might need a discussion for the best option)
  • Group mover tool (move mtuliple people/all with specific parameters at once)
  • Server banner rethink (Should be more prominent)
  • ARM Support
  • New badge system (Client and server side)
  • Ignore pokes
  • Facility to block friend requests/group invites (or switch off/on - streamer feedback)
  • Facility not to save the chat history
  • Higher audo bitrates
  • Support for music creation
  • Modern public server listing
  • Offline messaging (thinking signal)
  • SDK in general
  • myTS and server avatar separation
  • Max displayed icons a setting in the server (not client under dev tab)
  • 2FA
  • Streamer mode - minimal latency and doesn’t reduce PC performance
  • Potential for dedicated streaming servers
  • XBOX store facility (so windows users can mix. Falls under cross platform, but adding this scenario also).
  • Facility to modify the position of elements or the order. (Example: in the mute bar)
  • More than one notification sound to identify notification type
  • Poll functionality in group chats
  • Group prefix simplification (rather than multiple group prefixes, set a power to represent all groups).
  • Potential to remove IP addresses from the weblist (security/privacy)
  • Find channel feature (could tie in with “status viewer”).

Apologies if there is any duplicates above :slight_smile:

(Note for myself, reached post 136)


Screen Sharing


Video Call


Screen share + video call + group screen sharing + group video call


Close to tray


Customizable main menu

Connect with Spotify/iTunes and show the song u listening to, and maybe connect to other apps like Twitch and others can see who are you watching


Current playing game as a status.


Custom Themes or at least a black & white version


There is a dark version. Possibility for custom themes, yes but probably gonna be late game


Screen Sharing + Video Calls + Private Calls + General Chat-Channels on Servers which you can subscribe to and get notified even if not directly connected to the server. WEBHOOKS FOR SAID SERVER CHANNELS


-api support for chat channels
-latest version requirement
-most people don’t want to use teamspeak because of server version confusion (license issue)


More free slots for a dedicated servers, or a better licensing system


A full-fledged messaging system (text, images,…) including push notification on mobile devices. The messaging system should have end-to-end encryption and reside entirely on its own server.


New mobile app please


Videochat, Screensharing, Webclient, hiding special channels.


I know this doesn’t have much to do with clients, but I think one thing ts really needs is to entice people to create their own server or community on teamspeak and therefore an npl license would be useful, even if only with 64/128 slots, because the current licensing system kills small communities


I would like to have an expansion of the query function.


Connecting a music service (pls spotify) is a great idea, to have listening partys with everyone on ur server who’s connected/subscribed to the service


I hope that VideoCalls and ScreenShare will be implemented on TeamSpeak, like Discord. I want to use these features on my TeamSpeak Server, not in the private group chat.

If possible, TeamSpeak needs to rethink the whole slot system. It would be nice, to have “slotless” server, with the right license.

Ah yes, we KINDA NEED an italian translation xD

And for last, we need more open API, to make bots, NOW THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

Keep up with the good work!!


=> That doesn’t work XD

  • integrate a Teamspeak server into rooms with direct connect button to the server
  • Search function for rooms
  • Quote function for rooms