Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer & Teamspeak 3 x64, no sound

Hi there, I recently installed the Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Windows 11 x64 drivers by Auzentech (driver date 2021, Jan, 24th, driver version offererd by Driver Max software)

While it is much stable than the latest official Creative Labs Windows 10 drivers running under Windows 11, Teamspeak 3 does not seem to support it, there is just silence. I tried various settings including renaming the profile folder so it would reset its settings to default, but no avail. I wonder if there is a trick I am not aware of.

Thanks in advance!

We can’t give you much hope to get this working.

Because You are using a soundcard that

  1. seemed to have reached it’s End Of Life in 2019…
  2. … with a driver for an outdated Windows 10.
  3. But now running With an unofficial driver (by 3rd party?)…
  4. on Windows 11!?!

Any on board Realtek Chip made in the last years may be an better option than a soundcard from ~2007ish

You may try direct sound in the options but chances are low to change anything.
That’s the only advice I can give you for that.

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You summarized the situation pretty good. Well, I am obviously not going to change my soundcard because just one program is not working with it.

Well, seeing that it works in Teamspeak 5 Beta and how outdated Teamspeak 3 is (3 years no update) I recon the issue is probably also due to that.

Perhaps an update to Teamspeak 3 (or finishing 5 Beta) to (better) support Windows 11 would be a good thing ^^

That’s interesting.

In that case the last not yet announced TS3 Beta with Windows Audio session in the settings should also work. You may try the beta channel for this.

That one is on the same code level for sound as the latest TS5 Beta

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Sure, I am willing to try, where can I find the Beta Channel you refer to ? Everything I find is only for the TS 5 Beta but n TS3 Beta. thanks in advance

Never mind, found the answer here:

and it works!::smiley:


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