Suggestion : Language change (other then english)

I think adding the functionality to change the client’s language to any other language would be nice.

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Working on it. Right now there are only 2 supported languages (TBA)


There has been made some progress on the german translation, but it is still a work in progress, and not known when it will be released.

@OLFMSQL there is not language support in beta. It is still in alpha.

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I can help translating to Turkish If TeamSpeak wants to. @TS.ChrisR

I can translate to Polish

Can help with czech :hugs:

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i can help for French

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The plan is to involve the community. We had bad experience in the past with professional translations :smiling_face_with_tear:

There will be a public place where translation can be done by you 🫵


Hello, is there a Russian version for TeamSpeak 5?

Currently there is only English available.

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I can help in creating a Russifier

Check out my answer to this

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