SUGGESTION: Make the chat searchable

The search functionallity is a integral part of nearly every messaging service nowadays.
A way to search through the server/chat system chats (idk if server chats are permanent or only temporary) would be really great.

It could be implemented on a per chat basis or in the global search bar. (In my opinion it would be best to have both.)

Also the search bar should be opened by pressing strg/cmd + f even if you don’t implement the search functionality.


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Rooms and server text chats would benefit from a search that allows to find messages that are not yet loaded or displayed, as well as having a global full-text search for all text chats would be awesome. Getting there with SHIFT+CMD+F / SHIFT+ALT+F much like in every IDE would be a great addition.


I agree +1


My suggestion is to enable CTRL + F search in chat rooms. It will be much easier to find a conversation between many people in one room.

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There is already a suggestion about it. Have a look at SUGGESTION: Make the chat searchable - #2 by chriszo111

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I didn’t know, but they need to put that suggestion on ToDO list for sure :smiley:

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Anyone know if this feature will be this added anytime soon?

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This is actually in development. But there is no date set which version this will be added.

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