Teamspeak 3.5.0 Automatic voice volume

I just updated to the newest version of Teamspeak (3.5.0) . Due to the patch notes I decided to head into the settings and see what all changed.

I have historically had to adjust my volume levels so that people can hear me properly. I typically use voice activation with a volume gate.

I’m not sure what has changed, but now when I select the “Begin Test” button under the Capture tab of the Options, it starts out sounding just fine, but the longer I talk the louder it gets until the sound is literally blowing out my headset and reverberating back through my own microphone creating a loop and I have to mute my my headset.

Turning on the various echo cancellation and background noise reductions has no affect on this.

I have tried reinstalling the client multiple times, tried deleting my configurations, and tried switching capture modes and all of them are doing the same thing.

Upon starting the test in the capture menu, Voice sounds fine for the first 3 seconds or so, and then starts steadily increasing the volume of my mic until you can’t even actually tell what I’m saying because of how loud it is.

Please help!

I’m afraid to jump into one of my saved channels for fear of making all of my friends deaf when my mic plays at 10,000% volume!

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