TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.1

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Can you please change the audio changes back too before 3.5.0. The current audio is so off and even with Automatic voice volume leveling toggled on and off the audio seems to constantly fluctuate. Never had audio issues before this update.


Can you please update the installer on the website?
Some of us have net problems so i have to send them the installer.

I dont know what it is that you did in 3.5 but its a dumpsterfire of an update. Clearly you must’ve done more than simply moving the same AGC from sending to receiving, because half the people that I talk with now sound like complete garbage despite being on 3.5 themselves (eventho you claimed everyone being on 3.5 would fix the “Issues”), and you just straight up disabling AGC for music channels shows how you didnt think this trough at all.

I dont know why you felt the urge to touch this to begin with when everyone got used to how it is and why you didnt make it an opt in thing. I am not alone with this, having tweeted it out and received pretty much the same feedback. Either people sound similar, or they sound like they’re on a 50db boost with a heavy compressor. Its atrocious.

You trying to make TS more like Shitcord is what eventually will end up driving people away from TS as we know and love it, and this is one of those updates. I can only urge you to revert this while the damage isnt permanent.


Could anyone please give us following details from you and at least one (more is better) other user you have problems with? When we know some settings we can try to setup our systems the way you do and we may see the problem.

What we need

  • Set Playback volume in Client
  • Set Capture volume for microphone in the Operation system/Audio driver
  • The name about used Sound card/USB Headset
  • What problem do you experience with that user

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AGC is now disabled when someone in a channel where Codec “Opus music” set sends Voice/Music to your client.
This is not very good, because on our TeamSpeak server all channels are “Opus music” for the best quality. Now the feature is complete useless, but the music/voice still sounds not as good as before, even if it’s disabled.

TS3 is still crashing under 3.5.1 on Windows 10. 3.5.0 crashed always when starting a second connection in a second tab. But since yesterday 3.5.0 and also 3.5.1 crash right from the start.

Have you tried clearing the cache or using -safemode as start parameter (see below)?

Please post your log and crashdump if above did not help.


Thanks. Tryed with -safeload but did not help.
Still crashing on startup.
How can i post my log and crashdump?

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Please following all of my post! There is not just the -safemode thing.

Open mentioned folder and upload latest file somewhere (like Google Drive etc)


Hello, people from my community have told me that their push-to-talk no longer works

It works fine here.

That’s all detail you have?
Please give us some details about used operation system and device they have their ptt key set.


the problem seems to arise on Mac

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the person changes the button but it still works not only in voice activation it works

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OK? will test that in a moment and will report it that did not work.

Meanwhile please forward following

For global hotkeys, you need to enable a setting in the Mac system preferences.

Mac OS 10.9.x

  • Open System preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • Privacy tab
  • Accessibility
  • Enable TeamSpeak 3 or 5 Client

Mac OS 10.15.x

  • Open System preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • Privacy tab
  • Input Monitoring
  • Enable TeamSpeak 3 or 5 Client

(when list does not offer the + button then try to start the app from application folder.)


thank you i pass it on until you see your side

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Ok. i cleared my cache also and started with -safeload. still crashing on startup. i cannot do anything, because i dont’t even see the client. So i cannot change any options. Installing 3.3.2 works fine

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That attached zip broken.
the crashdump is missing and only a log seems to be included.

Tested it and works as long i allow it in Mac Os preferences.

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