Only allow server access to newer clients with active myTS

The question may be off topic:
-Do not tell me exactly where and what needs to be done to disable support for older versions of the client?
-How to make access to the server with an active MyTS account?
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Why don’t you post it in an own thread then ???

use ServerQuery command

serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version

Ban the myTSID empty and everyone is forced to use myTS or can’t connect to your server.
Can be done in client or ServerQuery.

banadd mytsid=empty


I stupid about creating a new topic)


I gave you both commands already??
The only thing you need to add is a = and the number of the build date.

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It is a pity that there is no option that allows you to connect to the server only when the client is logged in to the myteamspeak account.

This command performed in Server/WebQuery denies anyone to connect without any myTSID

banadd mytsid=empty banreason=This\sserver\srequires\sa\sMYTS\sID