TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.1

We released an update to solve 2 bigger issues

  • We fixed a crash on client start.
    Anyone with that problem need to use the installer to get this update or update from older client to this version.
  • AGC is now disabled when someone in a channel where Codec “Opus music” set sends Voice/Music to your client.
    This makes it possible for the sender to change his volume settings.

=== Client Release 3.5.1 - 23 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Disabled playback AGC for clients sending from an Opus Music channel

The client will search for the update on it’s own. But you can also trigger that process when you open
Help and click on Check for Updates.

We will upload the installer later on the website.
Meanwhile use the client as described some lines above to get the update.

Known issue

  • The client can crash on Linux when plugin like music bot is in use. We are on working on it!

To add onto the above, this post is to clarify a few issues on some of the changes made in the recent client update for TS3.

AGC (automatic gain control) has been moved from being implemented on voice capture, to being implemented on the receiving side instead. This is why the sound may appear different to you at first. The reason why we have changed this is to standardize all input so you have the best listening experience no matter what other people’s setups are like. So, if your friends have anything from entry level to top of the range microphones; if they have their microphone setup correctly or if they have it setup incorrectly, it doesn’t matter. With AGC on, the client is going to give you the perfect sound. One of the features of AGC is to in essence, cap the limit of people’s volume. So if someone comes into your server screaming and shouting the AGC will normalize their volume level, it works the same if people are whispering. Ultimately if anyone has an improper setup, AGC will fix this.

With it being moved from the capture side to the receiving side, AGC working does depend on all of you being on the same version. So to eliminate any potential compatibility issues we need you all to update your client to 3.5.1 and also ensure your server is to up date. If you do this AGC will work as intended.

In addition to the above changes, we have also updated algorithms for Echo Cancellation. We added a slider for the Noise Suppression levels and also added new Typing Suppression. Voice Activity Detection now has both Automatic and Hybrid modes. A quick note on the difference between Automatic and Hybrid modes: The Automatic setting uses an algorithm that detects pure voice; so any human voice–whether it’s loud or quiet–will be picked up and transmitted. The Hybrid mode works the same way as Automatic, but it has an applied threshold on top. That means your microphone will only trigger if the client detects a human voice AND the volume of it is over the threshold you set.

The aforementioned audio features are already built into the new TeamSpeak. So we have just added them into TS3 with this update to allow users of one platform the ability to flawlessly interact with users of the other.

All of the above were tested internally and by our beta testers and all work fine; aside from a few minor tweaks. But as with any update it’s entirely possible you may want to adjust some settings on an individual basis to get it just the way you like it. If anyone has any remaining issues or questions just let us know below or submit a ticket here: and we’ll take care of it as fast as we can.

Many thanks



Hi, It’s great the update but it would also be nice for a TS5 version to come out otherwise we receive this error message when we modify virtual_serveurmin_client_version To block the old versions.


The client with version 3.5.0 recognize the client with version 3.5.1 as an alpha:


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The Version where moved from Alpha to Beta and from Beta to Stable. This is normal. If you Click on “Check for Updates” the Alpha wont shown anymore.


But you have also changed the AGC algorithm, which is now worse than it was before.
I have summarized my issue here TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.0

I am also not the only one with this issue, my friends report the same. Is there a chance of having this fixed please?


I wanted to ask you if you could please update the installer to 3.5.1, I need it for my musicbot

This new AGC is pretty much garbage. Wish you guys would remove it.


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Can you please change the audio changes back too before 3.5.0. The current audio is so off and even with Automatic voice volume leveling toggled on and off the audio seems to constantly fluctuate. Never had audio issues before this update.


Can you please update the installer on the website?
Some of us have net problems so i have to send them the installer.

I dont know what it is that you did in 3.5 but its a dumpsterfire of an update. Clearly you must’ve done more than simply moving the same AGC from sending to receiving, because half the people that I talk with now sound like complete garbage despite being on 3.5 themselves (eventho you claimed everyone being on 3.5 would fix the “Issues”), and you just straight up disabling AGC for music channels shows how you didnt think this trough at all.

I dont know why you felt the urge to touch this to begin with when everyone got used to how it is and why you didnt make it an opt in thing. I am not alone with this, having tweeted it out and received pretty much the same feedback. Either people sound similar, or they sound like they’re on a 50db boost with a heavy compressor. Its atrocious.

You trying to make TS more like Shitcord is what eventually will end up driving people away from TS as we know and love it, and this is one of those updates. I can only urge you to revert this while the damage isnt permanent.


Could anyone please give us following details from you and at least one (more is better) other user you have problems with? When we know some settings we can try to setup our systems the way you do and we may see the problem.

What we need

  • Set Playback volume in Client
  • Set Capture volume for microphone in the Operation system/Audio driver
  • The name about used Sound card/USB Headset
  • What problem do you experience with that user

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AGC is now disabled when someone in a channel where Codec “Opus music” set sends Voice/Music to your client.
This is not very good, because on our TeamSpeak server all channels are “Opus music” for the best quality. Now the feature is complete useless, but the music/voice still sounds not as good as before, even if it’s disabled.

TS3 is still crashing under 3.5.1 on Windows 10. 3.5.0 crashed always when starting a second connection in a second tab. But since yesterday 3.5.0 and also 3.5.1 crash right from the start.

Have you tried clearing the cache or using -safemode as start parameter (see below)?

Please post your log and crashdump if above did not help.


Thanks. Tryed with -safeload but did not help.
Still crashing on startup.
How can i post my log and crashdump?

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Please following all of my post! There is not just the -safemode thing.

Open mentioned folder and upload latest file somewhere (like Google Drive etc)

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