TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.3 [Beta]

Today we released a preview for upcoming version 3.5.3.

This version will fix reported client freezes, crashes and one BUG where AGC was reset for talking users…

Here is the full change log:

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020
- Fixed a client freeze
- Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client's AGC state
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

To enable beta updates, simply go to Tools -> Options -> Application and select “Beta” from the update channel drop down.
Once done you can check for updates using Help -> Check for Updates to receive the update.


yess , thanks, i was really looking forward to this ^^

This beta update did not properly fixed a client freeze.

Sometimes when you start up TeamSpeak 3 Client and you have 3 servers on startup, your client freezes and it crashes.

I’m using the beta for 2 days, for 2-3 hours - till now no issues.

Freeze or crash? These are 2 different things.

Please add a log and if possible upload a crashdump.


I received no crashdumps.

That request is still there.

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