Teamspeak 3 Client on macOS missing certificates

Hey, I just re-installed the TeamSpeak 3 Client on macOS Catalina (10.15.6). When trying to start the application, the following error pops up:

If I remember correctly, this is due to missing certification updates that should be applied so Apple can verify the application as non-malicious, Kitematic faced the same prolem prior it’s recent deprecation.

This should be a fairly quick fix (win). Are you aware of this?

PS: The tags feature is not really used well here. I could tag this bug, macos, prio:critical or so for better visibility.

@TS_Chris are you guys even checking these bug reports, or can I for the future just expect that reporting them is useless?

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Hi Chriszo

Yes we are aware of this and we do check bug reports.
We are going to fix this but i can not say when an updated version will be released.

As a workaround:
Hold the CMD key and then Click on the App and select Open. This adds the app as secure and won’t ask you next time.


Hello I’m encounter the same problem. Here what’s happen when I try to open it : Unable to open “TeamSpeak 3 Client” as Apple cannot verify that it does not contain malware.
I’m a begginer on Mac os
If anybody has a solution?

This is another problem and known.

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Ok thank you very much.
It works.
Have a good day

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This is still an issue. It’s been almost a year. I am honestly a bit disappointed by TeamSpeak at this point, not only because of this issue of course but also the TS5 situation. I’m not sure what’s going on down in Tijuana, but it just seems like the TeamSpeak Community is not a priority at all.

FYI: I cannot use the app on my Mac anymore due strict device policies, therefore the fix mentioned above is also not working.

“TeamSpeak 3 Client” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

Hey, same Problem here: " “TeamSpeak 3 Client” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. ". As it is 31.Oct 2021, it must be a new bug as the report is now more than 1Y old. I assume you fixed it in the meantime and it broke again as otherwise the assumption may arise, that you guys don’t even care.

Same problem here, any update on this?

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