TeamSpeak 3 UI bug on mac os

Hi, my friend have a funny bug on his client on mac os catalina

He cannot quite see the right side of the tree, the client flags are completely cut off.

Does it happen with the default style as well? Please say yes.


Yeah its okay on the default pack

Fortunately I cannot reconstruct this visual bug.

Please ask your friend to reinstall DarkenTS. If the problem continues to exist, please report back. Thank you.


My friend said, the bug is only appending after the creation of the scrollbar in the server tree.

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The myTS version is long outdated. Please follow the dedicated DarkenTS topic here.

Thanks for the additional information and the video. Unfortunately I still cannot reproduce this error (tested with myTS version).

The video shows me something strange, though. After switching from the default skin to DarkenTS, the scrollbar was hidden, and appeared only after scrolling. This shouldn’t be happening. Not via style (I don’t have the necessary properties to work with), nor via TeamSpeak settings (All style options found in Design have no auto-hiding scrollbars).
In any case, due to the fact that it does happen, it should happen on the default style and other custom themes as well.

Unfortunately I am not a macOS user. Right now I see only one further test, which hopefully proves successful. Ask your friend to disable automatic disappearing scroll bars. This is not ideal, but currently I am out of ideas. Please report back. Thank you.


Thanks a lot bro!
It’s works fine now :slight_smile:
Also a thanks from my friend!

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