TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta25

Hey folks,

we are happy to announce that we just pushed out our next update.

This is the first version adding permission management which allow you to manage your server and channel groups as you know it from TS3. This is just the start and more will come in later releases.

We decreased the memory usage of your active chats.
You can now scale your whole client interface.

Here you can read the full changelog

Update 5.0.0-beta.25
  • First release of permission editing, currently for server and channel groups
  • Even more permission management will come in a later release
  • Better handling of suspend/hibernate and loss of network connectivity for chat
  • New appearance option to change the UI scale - choose from small, medium or large
  • Improvements to rich text editing, especially code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Fix for connection info widget breaking after reconnect/timeout
  • Server tree view should handle incorrect channel banner URLs better
  • Improvements to chat scrolling under certain conditions
  • Reduce chat memory usage slightly
  • Lots of improvements to rich text editing, code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Report issue now goes to a web form rather than an email client
  • Tweaked the background hexes for a nicer appearance and better performance
  • Connected servers will now also display the port in the info pane
  • Fix for setting 0 slots in a channel also setting unlimited flag

Important Note for the free server you could create in the client:

On these servers you are not allowed to change any permissions or groups.
It’s intended that you get errors when you try.


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nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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o thats nice :+1:


The permission system seems to work for server version 3.11 (and below?) and 3.12.1 but not for 3.12.0.
Is there a problem with the permissions or does the server actually need to be updated to 3.12.1?

3.12.0 had a problem in permissions. Nothing serious but enough for the new client.

Changelog of 3.12.1


  • Fixed bug related with new TS5 Client Permission Manager

Looks Good! :heart_eyes:

How do you make that channel banner?

Are you talking about size?


Stil no integrated InGame Overlay…

So stil no Gaming with TS5. x.x


Let us know what else you want and we’ll get on it :wink:


hi man, when I try to create server groups it tells me insufficient permissions can you help me please?

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How often People says they need/want an InGame Overlay?

Its like at least 1x in every of the last 10 Betas? :thinking:

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I seem to get server permissions and whispers requested more than anything else recently, especially on social media. In the wishlist thread In game overlay was mentioned 3 times, and it’s certainly something we’ve discussed. As I said though the more people directly say what they want in that thread the better.


Write in Private Messages so as not to interfere with the discussion to other users, I will try to help you.


Nice. We like it. I’m going to try it now.

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Guys please stay at topic. This is about the beta release.
When you have wishes put them into the wishlist.


Changing Icons of a Group dont work without having the Identifyer?

How to find him out?

Maybe there are easier ways, but I’m doing it for now))


I haven’t any permission to change the group permissions on the free beta server. At my main server everything works :slight_smile:

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