TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta32

Hey ho,
closed Beta 32 is now available for testing.

There is a fundamental change in the user tag. Please read following with care :smiley:

Please note that all users have an additional tag. The old is still working for now, but might be removed in the future. Please use the tag when sharing your user tag.

  • Show permission level behind user names in chat rooms
  • New feature for discovering existing chat rooms
  • Ability to add a contact from the server tree context menu
  • Fix YouTube videos sometimes not showing up correctly
  • Fix an issue with hotkeys after losing connection to a server
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Any creative feedback for this release is welcome :smiley:



I feel like the permission level should be shown/placed in front of the name and not behind it, but that is just a small detail :grin:

Nice update :+1:


Thanks for the Update :slight_smile:

Nice update :fire:



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Does this only matches on users or also on the group chats? Because they are still showing up as

User with Beta32 should show you myteamspeak.
Users who did not update yet will show you the old one.

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And that’s not the case for rooms (i called it group chats above)

My User:


Ah sorry misunderstood what you mean.
Actually only User Tags have that change.

I can not say if that also will be changed for rooms. But will put that topic on table for discussion.


Would be a good idea but you will need another domain to prevent duplicated names. does not look that nice. does looks much better :smiley:

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