TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta33 & Maintenance of the chat system

There will be a maintenance window of our chat system tomorrow the 19th between 8am-9am GMT+1. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Today we released beta 33 of our closed TS5 Beta.

This release allows you to share the server with your contacts and you do not have to manually send the server any longer. Any contact just needs to make a right-click on you and and select to join. The current active server tab is shared to your contacts.

Under Privacy settings you can decide if you want to enable or disable this in general.

And if enabled you also can decide which of your bookmarks is shared to your contacts.
We left your old bookmarks untouched. Privacy first :male_detective:

Any creative feedback for this is welcome.

More features and changes or fixes

When not using a previously (before this update) existing bookmark, the TeamSpeak server you are connected to will be published to everyone you share a room with or have on your contacts list unless disabled in the bookmark or globally.

* Download directory for files is now configurable
* Option to ask for download every time or just download to configured folder
* Ability to open downloaded files
* Open chat on TeamSpeak servers use global chat system if you have the person as a contact
* When sending a single emoji it will now be displayed bigger in detailed chat
* Ability to join the current TeamSpeak server of a contact. Sharing the current server can be disabled in privacy settings or individually in the bookmark
* Fix sent messages showing up twice
* Fix a crash related to animated avatars
* Add ability to discard the pinned message
* Fix channel chat not showing new messages in some cases
* Various minor improvements and bug fixes


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:blue_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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How can I access testing?


?why… locat in HK GMT+8

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why? At some time we have to do it.
GMT+8 = +7 hours from mentioned time.


HAHA , Thanks~~ a🤣

Good job TeamSpeak :blue_heart: !

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I just updated to that version and Im no longer able to connect to the chat

I suggest adding a client setting which controls the behavior of how the new server contact sharing is done, rather than always enabling for new bookmarks unless manually disabled. Something along the lines of: By default, share the server I am connected to with everyone I share a room with or have on my contact list [yes/no]

I guess this setting could default to on unless other comments here come up with a reason not to.

It is nice that updates are coming more often now, but why minimized to tray is not yet implemented in TeamSpeak5? :thinking:


Excellent ! TS5 begin to be really usable !
Now I wait the next… Like overlay ? Or games integration ?

Cordially :vulcan_salute:

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I suggest adding a feature to share also the channel of the user. If a friend clicks than on the “Join Server” Button the client tries to join the same channel as the friend.


yes, good idea

Pls write the ideas and suggestions to the right topic :slight_smile:
Wishlist or Suggestions and Feedback

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Why is it the wrong topic the author of this update asked for feedback for this function.

Nice feature. Keep up the good work.

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