TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta38

Hi, we want to tell you that Beta37 is now out of date ;D

But we have good news for this situation.
We pushed out a new client update :partying_face:.

And here is what you get with this update.

* Display room join/leave messages
* Fix not being able to delete emojis using backspace
* Update emojis
* Fix loading older messages
* Fix Linux client using the same wallet as Chromium
* Indicate activity when accepting invites
* Fix startup crash on Linux
* Various minor improvements and bugfixes

Constructive feedback is welcome :+1:

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Thanks for the update!

I think it’s cool that you can see who entered a room and when, but why does it say that you entered a room and the contact was invited to enter the room when you added someone to your contacts?

join-leave message_contacts


If you add someone to the Contact and he Accepts he is joining the room ok

Can’t wait to get round to testing TS5 for myself! Great work guys

yup, this is how matrix works

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Nothing to add here.


:blue_heart: :fire:


Updated to beta38 a few minutes ago now issueing chat problems.

As you can see the last written message on the sidebar was at 10:15.
I can not scroll down further and I’m not able to read recent messages.
I’m stuck on messages from 2020 as you can see while I’m hovering on D0mm4S joined the room.

Additionally to this issue I wonder why I can see these events anyway.


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Can you please turn off the client and clean the chat cache (make a backup if you like but you get send every message back)?

This is the default location for the cache i mentoined.

The moderation/event DeV setting was added for channel chats.
So the event system and matrix chat at all did not exist at that point.

Dev settings means this could be added in regular and updated then or removed completely.
We have no decided yet for this option what will happen to it.

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Alright. That’s the result:

My network isn’t blocking any TeamSpeak service and I didn’t change anything since beta37 other than update the client using the inbuild updater.

I wanna also note even the timestamps of the event messages are not sorted well.
They’re hoping from 2020 to 2021 and back again etc. Weird…

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We will will investigate into this. :confused:


Did you switch accounts with that client?


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Nope, just opened up the client as usual (when I was able to visit the public chat), hit the check for updates link and wanted to take look into the chat again to see the latest changes and there we go.

I mean I could simply reinstall the application but this would probably destroy the possibility to figure the issue out for you.

What maybe**** could help us is your tschat.log


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