TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta71

Reactions BAM! Slim sidebar KAPOW! Icons and Banner in Matrix rooms POP! TeamSpeak Tour THWACK! Appearance Overhaul BANG! Icon Overhaul HEY! Bug fixes SNAP!

This is what you can expect from this beta update (Changelog and Known list below images)


* Fixed copy & pasting adjacent emojis not working
* Fixed triple-click text selection not working properly in detailed chats
* Fixed zero-width backtick in Windows 11's default font
* Fixed toggling codeblocks causing characters to be removed
* Fixed not being able to start a selection near the quick action menu
* Fixed Arrow-Up moving the cursor when using it to edit the last sent message
* Fixed ESC deleting chat input when aborting auto-completion
* Fixed direct chats not being properly flagged when moving homebase
* Fixed old chats potentially not being marked as archived when moving homebase
* Fixed reactions being rendered for deleted messages
* Fixed logging a warning about volume modifier when it should not
* Fixed various issues when using rich text editor
* Fixed error loading chat when creating a room
* Fixed not having kick / ban options in some situations
* Fixed mentions not behaving correctly in channel chat
* Fixed a crash processing hotkeys. Hotkeys might break but client should not crash
* Fixed an issue causing messages to get stuck in pending state
* Fixed channel chat on new server versions not working correctly in some instances
* Fixed unknown file types not opening on Windows, now opens the folder instead if no registered application could be found
* Fixed invalid permission check when uploading to channel chat on newer server versions
* Fixed chat events overlapping other events
* Fixed chat history not being ordered as expected
* Fixed incorrect URL being created when copying links for uploaded files that contained spaces in their file name
* Fixed timestamps in YouTube URLs being ignored in embedded player
* Fixed several causes of reported crashes
* Fixed not always opening the correct chat using UI elements
* Overhauled appearance settings and adjusted alignment in different areas of the client
* Overhauled server detail pages, unifying their layout and moving less common pages to a dedicated manage section
* Updated icons in different areas and the application icon
* Updated channel banner layout, making it larger and independent of its sub channel level
* Updated Chromium version to 106.1.1
* Updated dependencies
* Added ability to create an account within the client
* Added ability to search for emojis inside the picker
* Added icon picker to the permissions page for selecting group icons
* Added support for message reactions
* Added ability to close the emoji picker using ESC
* Added ability to jump to messages
* Added message placeholders in unloaded areas
* Added tooltip to chat scrollbar with the timestamp of the target event
* Added lazy-loading to emojis and avatars
* Added support for showing updated license agreements
* Added support for chat rooms to have an icon and banner
* Added support for managing temporary server passwords
* Added an introductory guide to the client
* Added collapsible sidebar feature, offering an icon only mode
* Improved performance in chats
* Improved performance of the chat quick-actions menu
* Improved privacy of tschat logging
* Improved experience while moving homebase
* Improved visibility of distinct mute states while using multiple server connections
* Improved performance while resizing the sidebar
* Changed location of QR code, show placeholder when not logged in
* Changed server events order, showing new events at the bottom like it is in chats
* Room names may no longer contain leading / trailing or duplicate whitespace
* Removed highlighting from inline-code


  • The QR code & mobile app can currently only be used by alpha users.
  • Room banner only shows in Room info. We have plans to place the banner more prominent.
  • Client GUI is blank? The client checks for modified files and when found file for UI is denied to be used. Please reinstall your client.
  • Tooltips opened in slim bar not always close

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread :slight_smile:. Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Great update, can’t wait to see all the new Reactions from users on all messages.
giphy (2)

Feature request:

  • if you use the icon sidebar it would be nice if the chat opens there too
    like this:
  • more icons & banners for rooms (maybe custom)

The newly introduced tooltips don’t always close correctly. This should be known already as we discussed this already in Alpha Test, but it’s not mentioned in the Known section.
See here:


Already a ticket as you know and now a known.


I like the concept, but the slim sidebar looks a little cluttered and clunky.

With many more contacts, rooms and servers shown, it will be more time consuming and tedious to find the correct thing you want to open when you can only refer to their respective icons.

Making the full sidebar just being plain better as it is.
I understand the appeal in terms of more screen estate for more important things to have visible in the TS Client.
But I think the slim sidebar needs more spacing between icons, and maybe some brand new icons that better differentiate between contacts, servers and rooms. To me they still blend a little too much with each other.

Also this update breaks the custom themes, meaning that some of us have to redo them from scratch. Myself included.

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  • Room banner only shows in Room info. We have plans to place the banner more prominent.

Will this also include room discovery?


Thanks 🫡

Very good update!

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Hello, I just wanted to share some suggestions about the new Slim Sidebar.
Personally, I found it very confusing…

First of all I’d prefer the “settings” button on the top replacing the “main menu” one.
The “main menu” button isn’t that useful, you can use it just to see the dashboard (thing that I personally don’t need to see frequently) or to use the searchbar (you can do all the things the searchbar offers without it).

After that I’d separate better the “activity” part from the contacts & groups that I’d separate better from servers (maybe with some green lines to use teamspeak’s theme colors).

I made a quick photoshop to understand better:


I second OP’s suggestions, they read better.

on another note can we also have the option to auto hide or a button that hides the WHOLE thing such as the exampe given below

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When in the bar form, I can hover over and get text, but I am unable to get anything to appear when hovering over categories.


Personally find the new group icons and banners unnecessary. Here the wheel was reinvented and it is not worked with the matrix protocol.

I just don’t understand why you do such nonsense when there are custom fields for groups. …

  "content": {
    "url": "{\"icon\":{\"preset\":24},\"banner\":{\"preset\":1}}"

Also, I think the new server menu is pretty badly placed.

So you need to have to the server info page open, to edit the server and its clients.

In addition, you could have inserted at least a “transition” in CSS for the small sidebar. The minimize function of the sidebar is made so loveless. It would have been just one line more code.

The token for the slim client has already been changed again, I don’t understand the reason behind it.

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This beta71 version does not remember the height and width of the application I set. After restarting it grows back to it’s original dimensions


mark in the list of changes that does not support versions of macOS below 11


This is an interesting aspect to know but why don’t you just update?


Thanks for all the feedback. We discussed everything and I’m trying to answer anything that came up.

Custom icons/banner will be available for homebases.
So that hosting these happens on own homebase server.

Chats stay in third column.

Any idea what to make it better here?

More space may need more scrolling and searching afterwards. We would not like change that.
But maybe separator / line as suggested from @Destr0rso may help here.

This wasn’t expected but can happen during an Alpha.
Are you sure you must start from scratch or only update the parts we did change.

Yes for banner and icons.

The problem here is that others use the search more often and will need it somewhere. That’s why we did choose the burger menu to offer all available points in one menu.

We will try out if a separator makes it better. But we don’t like to remove the category icons.

Hiding such main element which is often used is not what we want. Sorry.

Tnx Forwarded to our devs.

Nothing has changed for that point.
You had to open the info page in b70 as well or else you had no buttons to manage the server.

Also context menu on server activity or above server tree still exists. So there is no must have to open the info dialog at all.

We thought above that but decided against such animation.
If Theme author likes if for his theme we are fine with that.

It was needed.

We can not reproduce this.

Which operation system are you using?
How many screens are connected (resolution etc)?

Can you check that a placement.json exists and is written on a change?
On Windows you find that file under %AppData%\TeamSpeak\Default

This wasn’t on purpose. Sorry.
We assume a change needed for the upcoming mobile TS Chat client did that. We trying to revert this.


I’m using Windows 11 (22H2)

3 Screens in total

  • Main monitor 2560x1440 (Horizontal)
  • Secondary monitor 1080x1920 (Vertical - Flipped)
  • TV 1920x1080 (Horizontal)

placement.json exists and is modified upon closing the client.

I always kept my client confined to my secondary vertical monitor and prior to this update it never “spilled” on to my primary monitor. I’ve made a recording of what I’m on about.

What nonsense are you spreading here?

That’s a detail we needed. :slight_smile:

You are showing a picture of what i wrote. Your point was that you now need to open the info dialog to manage the server.
I’m telling you It has always been that way.

In your picture

  1. You clicked on the server name.
  2. This opens the Server info dialog.
  3. There you got the buttons to manage.

Same steps needs to be done in b71 if you want to manage the server that way.

The only thing changed here is that the manage buttons on top are moved.
But this was not part of my answer.

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I would actually take a little inspiration from Discord’s sidebar and how themes work there along with how their slim sidebar works.
Their sidebar have servers and rooms on 1 row, they don’t have friends on the same row, but have a separate row where you can see users you recently have sent messages to.

You guys could use a second row as the friends list and give people options how they want to customize and organize both rows.
As of now the customization is very limited, which actually already causes the excessive scrolling you guys are worried about.

Especially when you have enforced offline and online category separation, making friends appear in 2 different sections with spacing between them. That is one point of cause for excessive scrolling.

As for the themes. I don’t know if I need to re-do them from scratch completely or just update them.

I didn’t create them from scratch to begin with. I used already made themes as templates and changed every value so that it looks more like what me and my friends are looking for in a TeamSpeak theme.
Which is why I have only shared my modified theme privately with friends.

The themes still work with some very small visual inconsistencies. The slim sidebar for one won’t work with one of my themes as it was never designed for it. It was designed for heavily modifying the regular sidebar.
The other theme work with the slim sidebar, as it doesn’t change the sidebar at all. So no visual conflicts occurs as a result of that.

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