Teamspeak 5 Bug [rspacer]

Hey ,

i found a bug, i set up some [rspacer] on my free ts5 server, after adding them everything seems fine but after a while and some reconnects the name of the cahnnel will be shown as “[rspacer]name of the channel” on the left side not like it was before “name of the channel” on the right side

red is worng; green is Ok

this happens only if a [rspacer] channel is a sub channel of an [cspacer] channel .

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Same in TS 3.
This is intended(?)
It should not even be shown as a spacer in the first place.
There was a thread about this already. I’ll try to find it.

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well thanks for telling me thats it the same for ts3, ill looked up for something similar but didnt found anything related

Found it:


i should also state the spacers are permanent and wasnt renamed after adding them .

It looks like your red marked channels are sub-channels of the spacer Community

Adding spacers into spacers (sub-channels) will not work.
A spacer needs to be a standalone channel and can’t be a child of any other channel.

It these red marked spacers were shown as spacers even if they are obviously sub-channels, that’s indeed a bug.

Maybe you can create another screenshot when they are visible as spacers (but being sub-channels).


@FakE indeed the marked channels are sub channels of the community spacer. Well then everything is solved since this is not a bug but just unable to work.

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