Teamspeak 5 Channel icons bug [SOLVED]

Hi there,

Nothing to do but this forum is amazing no ?
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Ok sorry I was lost in all the new functionality (I love it)

I have a problem (a small one but it still exists):
Some channels icon does not appear on Teamspeak 5 :frowning_face:


Teamspeak 3:

Teamspeak 5:

I already tried to change icons but it didn’t work and new channels didn’t have icon too. :cry:

If you have any idea tell me :slight_smile:

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A server restart fixed this for me every time I had this particular problem. But that was a while ago on older server versions. Make sure you are on the newest version TeamSpeak Server 3.11.0

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I will tried to restart my server this night and i will do the update too but the problem seem to be from the client I will update you later


Ok this worked for me too it’s been a long time since i haven’t restarted my server lel :slight_smile:
I did the update at the same time so thanks you :stuck_out_tongue: