Teamspeak 5 Client - Feature Requests

Hi together :slight_smile:

first of all i need to say thx for the great work on the TS5 Client. Keep it up :smiley:
But like my threadtitle is telling, i have some feature requests i want to share with you ofc.

  • in server tree icons are to small sometimes for me, a feature to increase / decrease the size would be cool. lets say 2 times the current size? should be enough.
  • i also miss a way to show / hide the current query clients, pls add this :smiley:
  • pls give us the possibility to disable the popup info โ€œinsufficient talk powerโ€ for specific channels. its kinda annoying when its got show, just we joined entrance lobby or afk lobby.
  • hopefully the android client will also be updated to the new design? :wink:

Thx again and keep up the good work :slight_smile:
Greetings Caaruzo