[TS5] Feature Request: Latest chat message

there’s a feature in TS3 i really miss in the TS5 client.
It is the ability to get a copy of the last sent message back in the text field with the use of the arrow up key.

EDIT: Like @peet1993 said, it would be nice if we could “scroll” through our message history instead only the last message. In TS3 you were able to “scroll” through the last 21 messages.

And since i opened a new thread now i want to mention this feature request (because it’s kinda old and dead), especially because of the query clients and the talk power popup.

Greetings ZeldaZocker


good idea

I agree, this was a particularly useful feature in the Teamspeak 3 Client if you have bots / a command system of any way on your server, which requires you to typing the same / similar commands over and over in Teamspeak 5.

I would go as far to say that not only the latest message is interesting, but scrolling through your message history in general with “arrow up”, like it was in Teamspeak 3.

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This is one of the Quality of Life features i really miss in TS5

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