TeamSpeak 5 crashed on MacOS Sonoma

Hi I tried to start the latest TeamSpeak 5 version on macOS Sonoma today. Unfortunately it does not work… I get this crash log:

I forwarded the crash.

But I can’t reproduce it with b74 and macOS 14.0 (23A5286g)

You got any virtual audio device installed?

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No I don’t.

The crash report doesn’t show anything useful.
But where it does crash may be related to audio devices.

We are aware that virtual audio devices will crash the client.
Such virtual audio devices could be installed through Philips Hue Sync etc.

Does latest TS3 Client 3.6.0 also crash on start?
There you might get another crashdump in that case.
Should be stored under Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/crashdumps

If 3.6.0 does crash and 3.5.7 doesn’t then there is a virtual audio device

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