Teamspeak 5 Push to Talk Bug

Hello, Teamspeak,

I found a bug on your Teamspeak 5 client.
If you have activated Push to Talk and a hotkey has been set you can’t talk anymore if you mute and unmute the 5 times in a row and then log in to TS 3 only once.

Could you fix this problem?

I am happy to help Teamspeak 5 :slight_smile:

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Can you confirm your current client version, what is your sound input device, what is your operating system, what do you mean log into TS3 while discussing TS5 and does the TS5 window have focus while testing?

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Yes, once I perform the steps I have specified, I can no longer speak on the Teamspeak 5 client.

Windows : Is the latest version
Teamspeak 5: Update 5.0.0-beta.19


Please update to the latest and see if the problem persist.


For me this description describes that the user is in flood protection and is still muted on server.

First time -> mute
Second time -> unmute
Third time -> mute
Fourth time -> unmute
Fifth time ->mute -> flood triggers here
Sixt time -> unmute won’ t trigger on server.
Join server with Ts3 and increase flood prevention.


No i try it again and im Unmuted but i can’t talk

( This bug is just in TS 5 )

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I can not reproduce this with 5 mute/unmute actions in Beta21.

I tried to reproduce this and the only thing i found was that i could not unmute again after i was added in flood. Yea that’s also an issue we have to fix.

Ah, that would explain why I could never reproduce it in my testing, was on server as admin with b_client_ignore_antiflood.

Maybe it is not related to anti flood but don’t have another for me explainable reason at this moment.